Booking Tips

Whether taking a honeymoon, a long-awaited family vacation, summer getaway or hitting the slopes, Travel Advantage Network wants to provide you with the best vacation experience possible. For your consideration, we’ve compiled a few tips on how best to take advantage of your VIP program.  

Book Early

The earlier you book your accommodations, the better chance you have to get your ideal location at your ideal time. 

Be Flexible

If you have no certain time frame in mind, take a look at what's available and let your next adventure choose you.

Choices, Choices

If your desired Travel Advantage Netowrk property isn't available, keep looking. Travel Advantage Network prides itself on offering clean, comfortable, and convenient accommodations at affordable rates... we're sure there's more than one that can suit all your needs.

Plan in Advance

Certain Travel Advantage Netowrk destinations, as well as dates around prime travel times (like holidays, for example) are more popular for travel than others. We suggest you plan well in advance if you have a specific area or travel week in mind.

Expand Your Search

Using Travel Advantage Network's website, you're able to pull a comprehensive listing of destinations based on the type of vacation experience you're looking for, season, region, or preferred travel dates.  All of these great options enable you to search out your next dream vacation!

Last-Minute Trips

Take advantage of Travel Advantage Network's Excess Inventory listings, which allow you to book at the last minute and get the most of your program.